Cigar Production

5 Different Sizes
“Grand Tabak” started production of hand-rolled cigars in Armenia in 2010 and the first Armenian cigars gained
appreciation of cigar aficionados from the very beginning. Today the company offers high-quality long-filler
cigars of various shapes (parejo, tapered at the end etc.) and in five ring gauges – 40, 42, 43, 50 and 52. Our
cigars are made from tobacco leaves imported from Honduras, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Ecuador.
Tobacco leaves are sorted and bundled manually, then a skillful cigar roller makes the cigar. After that the
cigars are stored at special conditions for the ageing. Cigars are offered in bundles, in carton packs of
5 psc., and in wooden boxes of 25 psc.

AKHTAMAR cigars made from
Cuban and Dominician
first-class tobaccos and
Ecuadorian superrior wrapper.


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