Social Responsibility

Grand Holding has an extensive charitable program in Armenia
Our company has many long-term charitable programs. The main directions are:

    Support of the rural communities in Armenia
  • 62 schools and kindergartens are built or fully refurbished in various regions of Armenia
  • 37 projects of drinking water supply to the communities were carried out
  • The complete irrigation systems were implemented in 11 communities
  • The natural gas supply systems were installed in 27 communities

    Sponsorship programs for development of scientific, cultural and sport life in Armenia. The company sponsors:
  • The National Academy of Sciences of Armenia
  • The Yerevan Ophthalmological Center after S.Malayan
  • The Yerevan State Engineering University
  • The National Basketball Federation of Armenia
  • The Chess Federation of Armenia
  • The Boxing Federation of Armenia
  • Cultural events and releases (a full-length film “The Memoir of a Cross-Stealer”, performance of a novel “Issue of Bread” at Hamazgayin Theatre, a full-length animation “David of Sassoun”, the puppet show annual international festivals in Armenia)

  • Personalized charity programs, including:
  • honorary pensions to the Heroes of Socialist Labour
  • special support and financing of the schools and asylums for children with special needs
  • sponsorship of the Yerevan Zoo
  • sponsorship of the Yerevan Botanic Garden
  • tuition fees and medical treatment fees
  • construction of a residential district for the Syrian-Armenian refugees
  • construction of St.Tadevos Church in Masis
  • construction of a Chapel in Aknakhbyur


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